Ross Perot’s Reform Party & United We Stand (National Conventions)

“On behalf of the entire Team at Perot Reform Committee, Inc.  and United We Stand Committee, I would like to express my gratitude to you for a job well done! You were indeed an asset to our two conventions held August 11, 1996 in Long Beach, CA and August 18, 1996 in Valley Forge, PA along with our initial United We Stand Convention in Dallas, TX in August, 1995. The conventions were very successful as a result of your dedication and hard work. Your professional manner, positive attitude, teamwork ability, and accomplished skill level were truly demonstrated during the entire planning and operation of these events. The conventions were viewed by the world as first-class events due largely to your tireless efforts. The long hours you worked, great pressures you faced, and patience you exemplified were noticed and appreciated. Thank you for “going the extra mile” to ensure the success of our events. Undoubtedly, Perot Reform Committee, Inc. will call upon you again in the future to plan and execute events as the need arises. I am proud to consider you part of our team.”

Russell Verney, Reform Party National Coordinator/Executive Director
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (Meetings, Conventions, Trade Shows & Customer Events)

“During the past eight years, Sherri Cook has been an invaluable resource for Sikorsky Aircraft, saving us considerable time and money with her extensive knowledge of the meetings industry and her mastery of the art of negotiation. Sherri has been instrumental in elevating our programs and customer events to a higher level, taking a 250 person cocktail reception to a 1,500 person major production at top venues with name entertainment, as well as reformatting our Worldwide Sales Conference for adult learning while holding attendees’ interest for five days.  Sherri is a true team player who has embraced Sikorsky’s mission, vision and policies. Her enthusiasm, initiative, creativity and resourcefulness have enabled us to consistently meet and exceed our goals. Without a doubt, she has proven herself to be an indispensable member of our sales and marketing team.”

Lynn Leach, Manager, Worldwide Customer Relations, 2010 (Client for 13 Yrs.)
End Stage Renal Disease Network of Texas (Annual Conference, Board & Management Retreats)

“Sherri has been a lifesaver for us. What a relief! I don’t know what we would do without her! We are a small organization whose meeting has doubled in size to a conference larger than we could handle internally. Sherri advises and mentors our staff, works with our vendors, and gives us tips for obtaining supplies and meeting solutions. Her expertise in negotiating contracts, obtaining the best possible food and beverage for our dollar, as well as securing the best space has improved our meeting and lightened the load on our staff. Finally, having her on site to handle all the details frees us to network with attendees, speakers and board members.”

Glenda Harbert, RN, CNN, CPHQ, Executive Director (Client for 12 Yrs.)
Intestinal Health Institute (Conferences & Events)

“We at the Intestinal Health Institute were fortunate to have the skills and services of Sherri Cook to help plan our initial annual conference. Thank you Sherri! Sherri brought an unmatched enthusiasm and dedication to our unique cause and service, both in the planning stages and the execution of the conference. Her onsite presence at the conference was impressive and noted by our entire staff and meeting attendees. She gladly accepted the challenge of mentoring us into the world of meeting planning. We are appreciative to have been given such a thorough education of the process of putting on a large hotel event by such an experienced professional as Sherri. We have gotten nothing but positive feedback from our meeting attendees, and we owe this in large part to Sherri.”

Dr.  Kenneth Fine, M.D., Founder and Director (Client for 5 Yrs.)
Bristow Group (Conventions & Trade Shows) 

“Sherri is a world class planner who I have worked with to plan several corporate events and conventions. Her attention to detail is superior and her tenacity and commitment to success is shown to her clients every day. Sherri is able to handle tough negotiations, changing budgets and plans and multiple tasks and events at once. She is a resource that once you engage your standards will be elevated so highly that mediocrity will no longer be an option. I am honored and delighted to have Sherri on my planning team.”

Shay James, PMP, MBA, Manager Business Development (Client for 5 Yrs.)
State Farm Insurance (Contract Negotiations)

When I became a part of the wonderful world of meeting planners, I was introduced to your name very soon through an MPI associate. You were described as, “the best negotiator around”. I couldn’t wait to meet you and find out all your secrets to negotiating. Well Sherri, negotiating is one of your assets, but since meeting you I have discovered more. You exemplify what a meeting planner should be. Albert Einstein stated, “try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value”. You, Sherri have achieved both and I thank you for being my mentor, my associate and a valuable asset in the meeting planning profession.    

Linda Vest, Manager of Meetings
Xerox Corporation (3,300 Person Product Launch)

“Words cannot begin to express my appreciation to you for your skill and expertise in managing the diversities of the Xerox Docutech announcement. Your patience, understanding, listening and pleasant personality were a genuine pleasure and relief to me. Without you, I never would have made it!”   

Kay Peck, Manager Executive Communications
U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (5,000 Person Annual Convention & Trade Show)

“Ms. Cook was a vital part of four successful conventions, each resulting in an increase of registrants, exhibitors, advertisers and net profit. Her grasp and attention of the myriad details that go into such an immense and complex project was outstanding.” 

Richard Barrera, National Convention Chairman
Citicorp Mortgage (150 Person Incentive Trip)

“I truly believe that you worked as hard as you possibly could to make this trip as successful as it was and I appreciate your incredible attention to details. We had great teamwork and you put together a great group of workers who worked very hard but also had great senses of humor. I can truly say you made the difference in our program.”   

Melanie McVay, Vice President
Member, Senate District 12 Citizen’s Advisory Council at Texas Senator Jane Nelson

I am proud to recommend Sherri Cook as a professional meetings and event strategist, manager, consultant and resource. Having all the tools of both knowledge and industry skill sets she provides her clients the important quality of “confidence”. Sherri’s interpersonal skills has amassed a vast network of resources so vital to accomplishing a broad variety of capabilities to be successful in trade show promoting and management as well as small to large events. Her accomplishments landed her clients such as Ross Perot and achievements such as the coveted Meeting Professionals International’s first Tomorrow’s Leaders Award. Her creativity provides innovative ways to present product and theme launches, inspirational messaging through meetings and a standard of gold bar success for every event that her clients choose to partner with Sherri Cook & Associates. She is trustworthy, reliable and professional in every aspect of her services. I would highly recommend Sherri to anyone seeking a partner to carry out any important event for their company or organization.

Edwin L. Griffin Jr, President Ed Griffin Consulting Group, Former President/CEO of Meeting Professionals International, 1990-2003
PCMA Convene

Sherri Cook is one of the best meeting planners out there! She is detail oriented, cost conscious, on top of meeting industry trends while thinking out of the box for great ideas. Sherri allowed me to assist her during the Ross Perot United We Stand Conference. This opened my eyes to how much work goes into planning such a huge event and how pre-planning and orchestration results in a successful event. Sherri really impressed me with her professionalism and her remaining calm amidst many things happening at one time. I would recommend Sherri for any type of meeting planning job – if she can handle this Ross Perot event, she can handle anything!

Mary Lynn Novelli, CMP, Director of Business Development
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (Meetings, Conventions, Trade Shows & Customer Events)

Sherri supported Sikorsky Aircraft’s events and trade show presence for over a decade. Throughout that time, her contributions were invaluable, both in terms of alignment with our marketing goals and, more impressively, her willingness to take responsibility for an ever-growing spiral of related details. Without her dedication and initiative, Sikorsky would not have developed the reputation that it came to enjoy; that of the world-wide premier event host within the helicopter industry. In addition to the quality of her support, the cost-effectiveness made our decision for regularly turning to her a ‘no-brainer’ as she routinely negotiated subcontracts on our behalf that provided savings in excess of her fees!

Marc Poland, Retired, Former Vice President (Client for 13 Yrs.)
Richland College (Travel & Tourism Associates Degree Program Curriculum Design)

The wealth of experience that Sherri has brought to this project has proven invaluable. With patience and skill, she has shared her expert meeting management knowledge with us. At the same time, she has willingly and cheerfully learned our educational terms and jargon. With perfectionism and attention to detail, she has contributed significantly to the creation of syllabi, lesson plans, and assessments for the Meeting Management courses.

Pamela Hull, Instructional Design
Dal-Tile Corporation (75 Person Incentive Program)

I just wanted to take a minute to drop you a note and tell you how much I appreciate your hard work and extra effort on our distributor weekend. It was a huge success and I got nothing but positive feedback from the Dal-Tile people as well as our distributors and their spouses.

Additionally, I received many comments about how great you and your staff were in helping people and being so well organized. The whole thing was fantastic and I really do appreciate your dedication in making it such a big success. You will be the first person on my list to contact when we have another meeting such as this. I can’t imagine having another one without having Sherri Cook involved.


David Finnigan, Vice President
AT&T (Convention & Trade Show)

“Your professional and prompt attention to our needs, as well as your excellent communication and organizational skills have made our business relationship a most enjoyable one. You certainly have a vast knowledge of convention and trade show  business.”

Rita DiMartino, Manager-Government Relations