On-Site Management

Conference Logistics

Sherri Cook & Associates coaches you on all the details of On-Site Management; from coordination with all vendors, set ups, registration, badges, food and beverage to the coordination of staff and volunteers. For conferences with workshops and break-out sessions; arrangements in detail must be thought of and arranged accordingly. Understanding the policies and procedures of meeting and event planning suppliers along with monitoring all contracts and orders, in addition to, reviewing accounting are just some additional components required to for fully operational conferences. Knowing you want seats for and don’t want any of your attendees to go hungry or thirsty, we help guide you through the logistics for your sessions, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and more. Your event and its success is as important to us as it is to you!

On-Site Management

On-site event management services begin at the initial office set-up and don’t end until meeting conclusion or the exhibit hall is torn down. Having on-site staff is necessary to make your life easier with a smooth on-site experience lessening your stress. Proactively confirming all prior arrangements, anticipating potential problems, checking each event in advance, and staying in constant communication with facility and service staffs is what we help you think through. Our trained events management professionals will make your entire event more manageable, cost-effective and memorable.

Nothing is too large or too small to warrant our attention.

On-Site Consulting Assistance:

  • Conduct Hotel and Convention Center Pre-Conference Meeting and Internal Sub-Meetings
  • Support Office Set-Up
  • Check on Shipments
  • Suppliers Pre-Conference Meetings (Catering, Production, Audio Visual, Decor, Entertainment, Florist, Photographer, Security, Trade Show Management, Accounting, Activities, Transportation, etc.)
  • Update Vendors Counts and Guarantees
  • Monitor Proper Meeting and Food and Beverage Room Sets
  • Review Accurate Logistical Flow…Signage, Buffets, Bars, for Attendees Smooth Flow between and within Events
  • Supervise Hotel/Convention Center/Venue Staffing Ratios for Maximum Service
  • Oversee Staging, Production and Audio Visual Equipment
  • Assist Speakers
  • Lend a Helping Hand with Amenities, Gifts & Awards
  • Direct Transportation Arrivals and Departures
  • Control Costs through Monitoring Food & Bar Service (Additional Food/Beverage Reordering, Liquor Pour, etc. for Breakfasts, Breaks, Lunches, Receptions, Dinners)
  • Audit Banquet Checks and Supplier Invoices with Backup for Accuracy