Goals, Objectives & Budget

Prior to initiating any plans for a meeting, convention or event, strategic pre-planning begins with determining the goals, objectives and budget are essential. Sherri Cook & Associates walks clients through the many questions and answers to assess the strategic meeting and event planning process. Listening carefully, SC&A will work to fully understand your needs while efficiently assessing and assembling the right solutions to best meet your vision and needs.


Destination Search & Site Selection

Once the goals, objectives and budget have been determined or ball parked, it is time to establish the program agenda, attendees, destination, type of facility or venues desired to begin site selection. Facilities are researched, contacted for availability for sleeping rooms and meeting space, costs and contractual concessions and clauses discussed for best proposed options comparison for decision.

Hotels, Venues, Vendors Negotiation & Contracting

Our vast industry connections with hotels, convention centers, off-site venues, production, audio/visual, professional speakers, décor, floral, exhibition, photography, security and equipment rental companies, and many others—are unmatched. 

SC&A specializes in contracts and negotiation with 30+ years of event management experience and having worked with our industry’s top industry lawyer for over 20 years. The depth and breadth of our events management experience helps us proactively suggest ideas and work with you to create the total solution you need while decreasing your overall event costs.

Sherri Cook & Associates will help you create a custom event plan that accommodates you and your participants’ every need based upon creativity with attention to detail and within your budget with regards to all areas of meeting and event planning:

  • Strategic Goals & Objectives
  • Program Logistical Planning
  • Site Selection
  • Theme Development
  • Sponsorship Programs
  • Budget Preparation
  • Facilities Negotiation
  • Subcontractors Negotiation
  • Trade Show Management
  • Suppliers RFP’s